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Flat Head Mop

Flat Head Mop

These mops are becoming more and more popular as paranoia sinks in about getting certain floor surfaces too wet.  And you know, they have their place.  I especially like the ones that have  a reservoir which can hold a cleaning solution which can be sprayed directly onto the floor in front of it.  Make your own with a teeny squirt of dish soap and water!

This mop is a good choice if you have floors that are hardwood or laminate.  Since these floors cannot take too much moisture, these mops are designed to spray out just a little bit of cleaning solution and then quickly wipe it up with the mopping pad.  The benefit is that there is little to no streaking and the floors get quite shiny.  I also like these for marble or granite floors, because they use just a bit of moisture and allow for a nice polish from the microfiber pad, just make sure you use the correct cleaner. 

 It’s ideal to have a couple of spare pads so that you can replace them if one gets too wet.  Remember to launder the pads after each use.