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Dry Mops

Dry Mops

Finally, let’s talk about dry mops
 These have become very popular in recent years because these mops are great for maintaining the flooring in smaller spaces – or if you have a small amount of hard floors in your home and you don’t want to schlep out a whole mopping situation every time you want to give it the ol’ once over.

Personally, I like to use this mop for touch up cleans, in-between cleanings to maintain the floors.  It picks up dust and hair and is more-so considered a replacement for a broom than a direct replacement for a traditional mop.  Read: this does not replace a mop!  They do not remove heavy soil and may leave some debris behind.  They also don’t clean or shine the floor. Generally you use these dry unless the ‘Wet’ version is purchased.  Even still, these are for light-duty cleanings only.  You are welcome to purchase the refills if you like, I just use a microfiber cloth and if I want a bit of moisture, I’ll spritz on some soapy water and get to it.  These are also great for dusting walls and getting into high corners.  Who would have thought?!