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Foot Hand Pressure Spin Mop Plastic Basket

Item: ZS-SM-A8
One set contains: 1*bucket, 1 handle+disc,2*refills,1*pp bag,1*color box,1*Manual

Material: PP ,Stainless steel,microfiber, aluminum foot pedal

Bucket Size : 50.2 * 30.5 * 26 cm

Bucket Weight : 2134 g

Pole diameter: 25/22 mm

Mop pole scale range:  0.86 - 1.25 M

Spin mop refill :130g
Carton - 4 pcs  ( 103 x 31 x 58 cm )

20ft FCL/40ft hq FCL: :480 pcs/ 1368 pcs

1.Mop pedals,Aluminum alloy extra strong pedals. Very durable

2.The overall framework, the overall base,Make the pinion and rack movement smoothly, not deformation, and improve the quality of mop stability.

3.washing bottle design,you can put some leaning liquid inside

4.Big drain design,drainage is not blocked, easy to use, drainage, no water in the mop bucket inside

5.Stainless steel screws,Mop bucket connected with the overall framework Stainless steel screws, On the wet toilet does not rust.